Dr. Aamir Rashid, MD

Dr Aamir Rashid is a Lifestyle Medicine Expert with a focus on weight loss , anti-aging and stress management. He has a clinical experience of 27 years and a has numerous publications to his name .He is trained from Harvard Medical School USA. He is a member of American College of Lifestyle Medicine, Member American College of Physicians and Member American Academy of Family Medicine.
Dr Aamir owns and Manages his own Hospital with the name of Azmat Rashid Hospital . It is a multi-speciality ,fully equipped, state of the art hospital in the heart of Rawalpindi ,Pakistan. He is currently doing his clinical practice in his hospital. His approach towards his patients is very unique . He focuses on the person as a whole and not just his disease . He assesses the patient individually and devise a customized , bespoke treatment plan for weight loss , anti-aging ,stress management and related diseases
Dr Aamir is a well known serial entrepreneur apart from being a leading lifestyle doctor ,with numerous health and food brands in his accolades. He is also a key note motivational speaker on Health and Wellness. He educates people and corporate organisations on Six pillars of Lifestyle Medicine so that they can one day make themselves free from his patented 3D ( Disease , Drugs and Doctors) Health Model . and contribute towards building a healthier and happier society .

More About Dr. Aamir Rashid

Ceo: Azmat Rashid Hospital

Trained: Harvard Medical School (USA)

Clinical Expert: Lifestyle Medicine (Weight Loss, Anti-Aging & Stress Management)

Specialist: Diabetes, Hypertension & Asthma

Member: American College of Lifestyle  Medicine (USA)

Member: American College of Physicians (USA)

Member: American Academy of Family Physicians (USA)

What is Lifestyle Medicine?

Lifestyle Medicine is an evidence-based discipline which aims to support patients to prevent, manage and reverse certain chronic conditions, using supported behaviour change skills and techniques to create, and sustain lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle Medicine focuses on helping patients to eat more healthily, stay active, sleep better, improve social connections and mental health, and reduce harmful substance use. It also considers broader factors impacting on individuals’ health and wellbeing including ecological health, poverty and health inequality.

Six Pillars of Lifestyle Medicine.!

Mental Wellbeing

Lifestyle medicine teaches proven techniques to reduce stress and help people with relaxation. Practitioners support people to find purpose in life and improve health through connection with nature.

Minimising Harmful Substances

Lifestyle Medicine supports people to stop smoking, reduce excessive alcohol consumption, avoid addictive substances and behaviours such as gambling or excessive internet or social media use.

Healthy Relationships

Lifestyle Medicine supports people to develop and sustain healthy and meaningful relationships and increase social connection to reduce stress and promote both physical and mental health.

Healthy Eating

Lifestyle Medicine supports people to reduce consumption of ultra-processed foods by teaching the knowledge and skills required to follow healthier eating patterns of people’s own choosing.


Lifestyle Medicine supports people to achieve good quality sleep and to avoid behaviours which have the potential to impair sleep quality.

Physical Activity

Lifestyle Medicine supports people to choose ways in which they could incorporate more physical activity in their lives, as well as reducing time spent sitting down.

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Weight Loss Management 

Our tailored weight loss programs combine personalized nutrition plans, exercise routines, and lifestyle adjustments to support healthy and sustainable weight loss goals. We focus on holistic approaches for long-term success.

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Our anti-aging strategies encompass a blend of advanced skincare, nutritional guidance, hormone optimization, and lifestyle modifications. We aim to promote vitality, skin health, and overall well-being for a more youthful you.

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Our stress management programs incorporate techniques such as mindfulness, relaxation exercises, counseling, and lifestyle adjustments to help individuals better cope with and reduce stress levels, promoting mental and emotional wellness.

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Our comprehensive approach to chronic disease management involves personalized plans, medication management, lifestyle changes, and ongoing support. We focus on improving quality of life while managing chronic conditions effectively.